What to look for in a laser centre.

At this time of year, we like to spend more time outdoors to enjoy the summer weather.  Glasses and contact lenses can become a hindrance for the activities that we want to do.  This is where some people consider laser surgery to be able to function without any visual aids.  When looking into having the surgery done, you must ensure that you’re going to a reputable centre.  These will offer the latest techniques with custom laser and bladeless surgery (intralase).  The cost should include your pre-op exam, the surgery itself, and all follow-ups.  Also, a lifetime guarantee will ensure that you don’t incur extra costs if the eyes don’t heal to where the vision should be.  Be careful of centres that advertise that they have done “over 60 000 surgeries”.  You want to know how many the actual surgeon has done, not the sum total of every surgeon that has ever worked there.  Look into places that have been around for an extended period-they’ll have the experience, and they won’t be closing shop due to bankruptcy, leaving you out in the cold.  All in all, lasik is a wonderful surgery.  However, you must ensure that you have a proper surgeon with the latest technology to do it.  After all, it’s not like you can go to the eyeball store to get a new pair…

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